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How can I use GoBankless?

Our core service is developing technology that connects cash dealers (couriers) and cash senders on demand. Here’s how the app works, step by step:

Step 1
a) A cash sender opens the app
b) The sender enters the amount of money to be delivered
c) Adds a unique recipient tag, email, or phone number into the “to?” box
d) Reviews options for cash dealers who can pick up the cash, price, and estimated arrival time, chooses the desired option;
5. and then confirms the cash pickup.

Step 2
The cash sender is matched with a cash dealer. A nearby dealer sees and chooses to accept the customer’s cash transfer request. The sender is automatically notified when the dealer (who may be on foot or vehicle) is about a minute away.  

Step 3
The dealer picks up the cash The cash dealer and the customer sending cash verify each other’s names, the amount to be transferred, and the recipient. Then the dealer accepts the cash and automatically credits the recipient wallet account in USDC, held in escrow. The recipient is immediately notified via email of the cash delivery. The recipient is also prompted to accept the cash transfer within a specific period and dictate a password to the dealer who will deliver the cash to verify their identity as the rightful recipient.

Step 4
A dealer nearby the recipient takes cash to the recipient. Once the recipient opens the App and accepts the cash transfer, dealers nearby their location are notified of the delivery request. A nearby dealer sees and chooses to accept the customer’s cash delivery request. The customer is automatically notified when the dealer (who may be on foot or vehicle) is about a minute away. The app gives the dealer the option to access turn-by-turn directions to meet the recipient; and provides a password that the dealer can use to verify the rightful recipient.

Step 5
The customer, recipient, and dealers leave ratings and reviews. Finally, the second dealer delivers cash to the recipient and verifies the password. At the end of each transfer, the dealers, customer, and recipient can rate each other from 1 to 5 stars. Customers and recipients also have the option to give the respective dealers compliments and a tip directly in the app.

Who is GoBankless for?

GoBankless is a global cash delivery service. For migrant entrepreneurs who are denied access to local banking or foreign exchange services especially, GoBankless provides
door-to-door cash delivery via a global network of money dealers. While anyone can use the App in any location for cash delivery, we’re focused on servicing small to medium-sized businesses, migrant entrepreneurs and traders.

Are there any limits on the amount of cash I can send abroad?

There are no limits on how many cash transfers you can make. There is, however, a limit on the maximum amount of cash that can be collected and/or delivered in a single transfer without additional KYC verification. These are:

  • UK £5,000 GBP (with a minimum transaction amount of £1)
  • USA $5000 USD
  • Australia $10,000 AUD
  • New Zealand $10,000 NZD
  • Canada $5,000 CAD
  • Eurozone €5,000 EUR
  • South Africa R120,000 ZAR
  • Nigeria N5,215,727 NGN

We may be able to increase these limits with additional verification checks.

How do I withdraw funds accumulated in my GoBankless wallet?

You can withdraw funds in your wallet in cash by requesting a dealer nearby to deliver cash to you. Should you wish, you can also request an electronic transfer to your existing bank account or USDC wallet.

How are fees rounded?

We calculate all transfer fees plus any discounts (if applicable), and round this once to the nearest US dollar before applying VAT (if applicable).

When do I receive my cash?

All cash transfers and/or withdrawals are collected on-demand within 15 minutes of initiation. We don’t hold back any of your funds in digital reserves or wallets once you’ve requested to receive cash.

Why is GoBankless better than the other remittance options I’m considering?

Below are just some of the reasons why people choose us:

Reduced administration
There’s no documentation required to start sending cash. You just sign up with your mobile.

Cheap transparent pricing
Wallet-to-wallet transfers are completely free. - Dealers charge 2% per cash transfer and 1% for deposit or withdrawal into your own account. In addition, there’s a $0.20 per km fuel charge to cover the cost of travel for the dealer.

Powerful tools that suit you
Everything you need to send cash, receive cash or provide courier services as a cash dealer with our simple online tool.

The personal touch
Our support team prides itself on being there to help whenever you need us. You can also post questions and concerns publicly using the community chat channels

Direct debits
Do I need a User ID or permission from my bank?

There is no need to talk to your bank. We provide you with everything you need to sign up online and start sending or requesting cash payments from your mobile, anywhere and anytime.

What kind of payments is it good for?

They are particularly good for:

  • Regular cash payments (e.g., cash subscriptions/fees or regular donations
  • Customers with an ongoing relationship (e.g., cash account customers)
  • Invoicing for services (e.g., shopping or buying, training, cleaning, bank deposits etc.)
  • Invoicing for large once-off purchases (e.g. property, vehicles, art, luxury items)
What are the cash collection or delivery service timings?

Services are offered 24 hours a day, every day as long as a network of dealers is available. Cash collection and/or deliveries occur within 15 minutes. USDC clearing for wallet-to-wallet transactions clears instantly.

Direct debits
Signing up
What do I need to sign up?

An email address only. If you would like to send or receive large sums in cash, we will need some personal details to help us verify your identity and some basic information on why you are sending or receiving money.

How do I test out the product?

After signing up online, we recommend sending cash to yourself. It takes less than 15 minutes to receive the cash from a dealer nearby and you can select from a vetted list of verified dealers.

Are there any commitments?

No. There are no commitments. Signing up just means that you create an account from which you can try the product; you can stop using it without paying us or dealers anything whatsoever.

Signing up
How it works
How does the payment request work?
  • Using our online tool you can issue a payment request from a customer or payer in 2 clicks. All you need is their $tag, email or mobile number.
  • We notify the payer with a link to our online payment authorization page, which can be completed on any device.
  • Once authorized, you can take a cash or digital payment from your customers or payers from anywhere in the world. Because dealers accept cash payments, your customers and payers need not even have a bank account to pay you.
Do payment requests expire?

Yes – payment requests expire after 2 weeks. If your customer or payer does not accept the payment request within 14 days of receipt it will automatically expire and you’ll have to send a new payment request. We’ll notify your payers 3 times before the payment request link expires.

How do I know if I've been paid?

You will be instantly notified about any USDC or cash payments you receive in real-time via email or in-App notification. Our online dashboard gives you real-time info on all your payments and customers, allowing you to check the status of a payment at any time.

How it works
What do you do with my money before it is paid out in cash?

All money collected for you is held in your secure custodialwallet in USDC until you authorize a dealer nearby to deliver the amount in cash. While in the wallet account, it earns an annual interest rate of 18%.

As a dealer, is it safe for my customers to pay me in cash?

Yes. We offer you and your customers the opportunity to ensure digital accounts and cash delivery services in case of theft or fraud. So your cash is always protected.

Payer experience
As a cash recipient, can my customers pay from their mobile?

Yes - Gobankless is compatible with mobiles and tablets. Our payment pages will work in any Internet browser, and customers across the globe can pay you using credit/debit card, bank transfer, Apple/Samsung Pay, or a USDC-compatible crypto transfer to your GoBankless custodial wallet address, even while you opt to receive the money in cash from anywhere in the world.

Will my name appear on my customer’s bank statements if they pay me using a bank-enabled digital payment method?

No. Payments from bank accounts will be made directly to GoBankless’ accounts. Only once GoBankless receives funds are you attributed funds using your unique $tag.

Payer experience
International payments
Where does my business need to be based?

Anywhere you or another dealer exists. We’re a global cash delivery provider.

Which currencies does GoBankless support?

We support payments in all currencies anywhere in the world.

As a dealer, where can my customers be based?

Anywhere you or another dealer exists. We’re a global cash delivery provider.

International payments